Revamp – Status Update!

For the last couple of months, I’ve been slowly working on the domain revamp (per previous post).

So far, I’ve done the following:

  • Step 1: Found new hosting — DONE
  • Step 2: Backed up everything from the old server — DONE
  • Step 3: Transferred the blog from the old server to the new — DONE
  • Step 5: LEARN how to create my own WordPress theme — DONE
    I followed this useful and easy-to-understand tutorial. Yep–did Step 5 before Step 4! Take that, The Man!

On-going tasks I’ve been working on:

    I have a million articles bookmarked right now in terms of effective blogging, and best practices for blogging. Disliking the CONFORMITY and seemingly FORMULAIC guidelines mentioned a lot of these articles, I’m picking and choosing the things I think are most suitable for myself. Take that, The Man again! *upper-cut!*

    In terms of CREATIVE research, I’ve seen a bunch of coooolll designs, and I’m grabbing a lot of great ideas from really original designs:

    Picasa 3′s stepped out of beta mode and has gone official. But there’s still a lot of things I wish it had: non-member commenting, a way to customize the root gallery display format, noting which photos have been commented on. I guess I want it to be like Gallery =D (Why don’t I just use Gallery? Hmm.. I want a seamless integration of the photo gallery into my webpage, and to be honest, I’m intimidated of the customization needed to make it work for Gallery. Also, I like that photos on Picasa are stored externally. Picasa’s also got a great desktop/photo viewer software application, and it was kind of tedious for me to convert pics from Picasa to Gallery. Got photo gallery suggestions? Let me know! :D (As an FYI, I’ve decided I don’t like Flickr for my own use… it’s not my style.)
    With the things I’ve researched in conjunction with the ideas I’ve had, I’ve been putting all of these together slowly but surely.

I’m really EXCITED about the progress I’ve made in the last few days, actually! Being a grouch and grumpy during Thanksgiving Day (obligatory holidays were not my cup of tea yesterday), I spent most of my time at my computer researching and tweeking around with possible layout ideas.

So far, I’ve doodled some sketches yesterday night, some that I’m rather pleased with. I’ve figured out the core color that I plan to use. And I have the basic structure and placement of my content figured out. 2008 Revamp Spoilers!

  • I will be using my own hand-drawings for a portion of my new design
    I did really well with my design back in 2005 (screenshot) because it was original and it visually stood out a lot. I figured the best way to do something no one else can do is to… just… draw something from my head, and have it integrated into the design.

    I’m taking some time to figure out where I can put in more little hand drawings for accents and to bring out small details, if I have enough time. I may ask to borrow Brent’s WACOM to finish off my drawings! :OOOO

  • Effort to make the blog more interactive
    I plan to get more creative with the commenting portion of the blog. I’m currently researching ways to get more people involved, since I haven’t put in much effort in doing this in the past.
  • Portfolio: A portion of the site will be used to display my latest artwork — I’ve realized this is important for me to keep up online, especially since I’ve been taking art classes lately.
  • Aiming to have new design done by 2008 year’s end
    Optimistically aiming to have new design up LIVE by Dec 31st! :O This might be the bare skeleton of what I envision for the full-content of the site, but I would release other features over time. Minimally: have at least the blog, photo page, and an About page up with the new design.

Preview of possible sketch to use for revamp design? :O

Have an idea for my redesign/content revamp? Ooohhhh Let me know! =D

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  1. Terri Mizuho

    Cool, looking forward to seeing your new design. =)

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