Revamp – Spring 2009!

Captain’s Log: Day 93. Okay, just kidding!! I don’t really know how many days I’ve spent on the revamp! I started working on a new design back in November when I had spare time. Since January, this has been one of my major priorities!

Well? What do you think?? :D


Over the years, I’ve tried different styles for my site. It’s been most recent that I began to (re)understand the importance being TRUE to yourself, and LOVING and EMBRACING who you are. I’ve tried more professional-esque designs in the past, but after a few months, they seem so bland and stale as a representation of ME.

Related to the idea of being true to yourself, I’ve also began to understand the importance of TRANSPARENCY, especially on the internet. Anyone can Google my name and find parts and bits about my life. But I want them to see me as a greater whole. THIS is the central location for your research on Estella Tse.

Thus, I decided to incorporate a LOT more content on my site, just like how I used to back in 2006 and earlier. A few new things you can explore:

Please feel free to take a look around, and ENJOY! :D

Design and Development Notes

Wow I did a lot of research when I was designing and developing this new design–the power of the intarwebz!!


I referenced a lot of GREAT designers’ pages that really inspired me to develop my own design skills further. GREAT sites, with very creative and well-thought out designs! :)

Resources and Plugins

These are the sites I referenced to help achieve some of the functions and features I wanted for my new design. THANKS to you all for your fantastic tutorials, documentation, and plugins!



Comment section:

Navigation Menus:


Extremely Helpful Sites for Web Designing

These sites I kept coming back to multiple times during designing and development. A lot of these offer great tutorials and overall advice about best practices and trends for the latest web designs. THANKS for having such abundant information up on your sites for others to learn from! :D

Let me know what y’all think!! :D


  1. Everton

    Great design. I love your bookmark this links – can you share the code?


  2. cgiven

    Awesome job, it looks great – and thanks for sharing all of your resources. Your comments on transparency are so true too. Anonymity on the Internets is so yesterday.

  3. Susan


    I love your redesign. My favorite part is the sketches and drawings – it totally accomplishes what you set out to do: to represent you. I myself am wavering back and forth about exposing who I am on this very public platform. I’m still fairly new to this blogging and twittering world, but love it so far.

    Once again, great job. LOVE it :)

  4. w00t! THANKS for all your feed back, everyone! I have to admit that after working on this everyday for the last two months has made me a little desensitized and thus a little insecure. Thank you so much for the positive feedback! :D

    Everton: the bookmark links are generated by a WordPress plugin called Sociable, and I replaced the plugin’s icons with some more bubbly ones that I found here: jwloh’s Web 2.0 icons. Let me know if you need help installing the plugin, or replacing the plugins! :D

  5. thanks for the icons – I’ve added. I’ve added code to my site to do the submitting rather than using a plugin. i will have a crack at the nice effects though when i get time

  6. brent

    Congratulations on the redesign! It looks spectacular! I know you’ve been working hard on this and it really shows. All the little details are well thought out and I’m still discovering little things as I explore. The personal drawings and sketches definitely makes this site YOURS.

    I look forward to your future posts and welcome back to the INTERNETS!

  7. Everton–no problem! Let me know if you need any help styling it! :)

    Brent–THANKS so much for your input and all your help! And thanks for understanding!

    Craig, Susan, Brent, everyone else! — I just recently added a new link at the bottom of this comment string. If y’all want avatars for your comments, you can get a global avatar at It’s pretty neat! You associate an avatar to an email address, and any site that supports gravatars will show your gravatar (assuming you comment on those sites with the same email address).

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  9. Conlan

    Wow. This is really nice. I like the hand-drawn elements mixed in the design. Good show.

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